Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

How does Clickfunnels affiliate program work?

The Clickfunnels affiliate program essentially acts as the middle person between you (the affiliate) and the sellers (the merchants).

Clickfunnels connects you with other affiliates, to merchants who want your help in selling their products and services to customers.

The Clickfunnels affiliate program and affiliate marketing in general work similar to what you get with a ripple effect, when you drop a small stone into a pool of water and it ripples and expands, becoming wider as it moves further and further.

You can compare the Clickfunnels affiliate program to this rippling effect.

Affiliate marketing is a practical way to earn additional income, even from your home, especially if you're familiar with Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels does not require you to invest heavily in wholesale purchase of goods or put capital investment in services the way big business companies do or a big business owner does.

By being an affiliate to an affiliate program such as the Clickfunnels affiliate program, you can become a full-blooded internet marketing entrepreneur.

Who created Clickfunnels?

creator of clickfunnels
Source: Forbes

Clickfunnels was created in 2014, by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson.

Affiliate marketing rose to popularity because of Clickfunnels, with their software enable merchants and affiliates to come together and sell to customers with ease.

What makes Clickfunnels special is the successful culmination of the sales process.

Clickfunnels built-in features in their sales funnels that makes it very convenient for Clickfunnels affiliates and Clickfunnels merchants.

Clickfunnels enables them to design, to develop, to customize and even to easily set up their own Clickfunnels sales funnel.

Every tool in Clickfunnels' sales funnels are easy to use, even for people who aren't tech-savvy.

For people who aren't familiar with affiliate marketing, having complicated system is something they do not want to encounter.

Clickfunnels solves this, in many ways:

  • Pre-made sales funnels
  • Ending page templates
  • A drag-and-drop editor
click funnels sales funnel dashboard

Clickfunnels provides detailed documentation for all of its tools, funnels and strategies.

Clickfunnels enables its affiliates to maximize the features of clickfunnels tools especially Clickfunnels' sales funnels.

sales funnel templates in click funnels

ClickFunnels has built-in features of a sales funnel.

Clickfunnels provides a series of steps by which a prospect eventually becomes a buyer of the product or service offered, and not just a buyer; a qualitative change transforms the buyer's persona who now becomes a loyal customer and self-appointed promoter of the product or service, at a higher level of commitment.

Clickfunnels has many solid testimonials from successful affiliate marketers who have successfully used clickfunnels and customized their own Clickfunnels sales funnels by a step by step support.

Fact Sheet on Clickfunnels and its built-in sales funnel features

  • Ceated over 9,733,422 sales funnels
  • Donated over $78,476 to WTA (World Teacher Aid)
  • Has over 27,000 + paying users creating success stories every year
  • Generated well over 54,000,000 unique leads or customer profiles
  • Clickfunnels affiliates have sold over 5,223,065 products to people using Clickfunnels' funnel editor
  • Clickfunnels affiliates have uploaded over 1,900,000 images into Clickfunnels' editor, to help design their funnels

Clickfunnels Sales Funnel: The ultimate advantage in sales and marketing

Clickfunnels came up with a simplified definition of what a sales funnel.

Clickfunnels said, that a sales funnel process is essentially the same as a funnel.

Clickfunnels wants you to convert cold prospects to long-term customers - these prospects go through a five-stage process.

We use the metaphor of a funnel because you start with a broad audience of prospective customers and end with a core group of loyal, high-value customers.

The final goal is not to make a sale, at least not a single sale. Instead the goal is create returning customers with life-time value.

Affiliate marketing is when whether you are selling a single product or a range of diverse products: the targeted audience goes through a journey which tightens into smaller steps.

Clickfunnels have encouraged its affiliates to see the bigger picture when it comes to funnel making, that there are three crucial parts

3 Crucial Steps of a Sales Funnel Journey:

  1. Target Audience: found at the top of a funnel
  2. Potential Customers: located in the middle of a funnel
  3. New and Existing Customers: found at the bottom of a funnel
click funnels process

The sales funnel makes possible the successful completion of the sales process.

What is an affiliate program?

landing pages for affiliate programs

An affiliate program is a versatile and resourceful (literally) internet marketing strategy that began in 1996 is affiliate marketing.

An affiliate program eventually seized the reins of marketing on the internet.

An online Merchant recruits and engages an affiliate website to generate traffic to the site.

The online Affiliate Network, such as ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, makes arrangements with an affiliate and forges an agreement, where a commission is paid to an affiliate to Clickfunnels website that generates traffic to the site.

Links to the Clickfunnels site are posted at the affiliate websites.

Based on the number of readers an affiliate sends to the site of Clickfunnels or the number of people who decidedly buy a product or service at the Clickfunnels website, a commission is paid to an affiliate, based on the agreement made.

So it is on the website of an Affiliate where marketing is done whether the product is one or several; an affiliate creatively draws in prospective buyers, brings the value of the product or service on to the threshold of the potential buyers' experiences.

He/she links his/her post to the clickfunnels website.

This way, the sale is completed; the prospective buyer becomes a buyer. At the clickfunnels website.

The four parties in an affiliate program:

  1. The customer
  2. The affiliate site
  3. The network site, in this case, Clickfunnels site
  4. The merchants, the company that owns the offer
clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp

In an affiliate program, more than one party does his or her share of widening the reach of product or service awareness.

This sharing of effort also extends to the marketing of the product or service.

So, in the same vein of sharing, the revenue is shared according to what each party contributes and what is agreed upon.

Here we have the essence of an affiliate program.

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program and its benefits

The Clickfunnels affiliate program: you can sell the Clickfunnels arena of products from your affiliate website.

You as an affiliate will surely earn a commission.

Notable advantages you'll enjoy from clickfunnels affiliate program are:

  • You are assured of its high and recurring commission
  • Clickfunnels has a very reliable cookie which tracks everything even the affiliate’s earnings
  • Respected branding with integrity
  • Transparency in company procedures
  • Professional marketing materials; training; 14-day free trial

The Clickfunnels affiliate program enters into an agreement with you, as an affiliate, where you can sell the products or services on its website. And you can earn a hefty commission on this sale.

There are forms to fill on rules, guidelines, payout requirements.

click funnel agreement forms

The best part of affiliate marketing is that companies like Clickfunnels, offers a bonus for its achiever affiliates i.e. a Dream Car contest.

You are given a dream car if you get 100 active members.

So the key question is: how do you reach that level of 100 active members?

Here is some other achieving entrepreneur advice for start up affiliates

Spencer Mecham, one of Clickfunnels top affiliates, who calls himself the "Buildapreneur": gave this advice to would-be affiliates:

"I won my dream car by helping small business owners find solutions to their problems on YouTube. I made videos about ClickFunnels based on what problems people were searching on YouTube and referred them in each video to ClickFunnels.

Focus on creating content. Pick a platform or a few platforms, master them, and get a system in place to consistently put out content.

People are always surprised when they start doing this and it actually works."

Chris Fong, an affiliate marketing and SEO expert, has this advice:

“I qualified for the ClickFunnels dream car through my blog and Facebook. I’ve always been able to get Clickfunnels targeted traffic through SEO but it’s only when I created an irresistible bonus offer did I start to see my affiliate commissions really increase.

My bonus bundle was a combination of direct coaching from me and various white label software and resources that I created myself or purchased from others.”

facebook clickfunnels affiliate group

As far as my advice goes, for people just starting out, my #1 tip is to hang out where other CF affiliates are which is in the CF targeted Facebook groups.

Become part of the community and try to help out and drop value where you can.

Not only will you learn a lot, more importantly you will build relationships that can have a lasting impact on your business.

Now it's time to get started with the affiliate program.

How do you apply at Clickfunnels affiliate program?

click funnels pricing chart

Before you can get started with the Clickfunnels affiliate program, you are going to need the following things:

Required Forms

Click funnels affiliate overview program

You must complete your tax documentations for Affiliate Compensation. Click here to complete your forms digitally.

Section 4 on Compensation: When your application is approved, you will receive an affiliate ID.

This affiliate ID is put in each URL used to advertise ClickFunnels.

On Affiliate Compensation: You'll receive a commission for each sale "Sale" which is registered using your Affiliate ID.

click funnels affiliate id

Tracking of earnings as an affiliate is cookie-based. If a prospect "Prospect" has many Affiliate cookies "Cookies", what will determine which Affiliate gets the credit for a Sale.

It will be the most recently acquired Cookie.

And when the Sale is in good status for 30 days, you will get your commission.

clickfunnels affiliate commission

On Affiliate Payout Requirements: All affiliates must have complete the required tax documentation.

Here is a link given to complete this step.

Clickfunnels affiliate commissions
  • Commissions are paid 45 days after the period reserved for any notice of potential refunds or cancellations)
  • The “Ready For Payout Today” commission summary line must be $100.00 or more at the time of the commission report
  • Affiliate Payment Preferences: Indicate how you would like to receive your payment, either by Paypal or check inside your affiliate account

Types of Commissions on Clickfunnels Affiliate Program:

  • The Badge Commission: 20% is applicable to any applicant
  • Every affiliate receives 40% commission on front-end offers
  • Open Affiliate receives 30% commission on SAAS plus 40% on front-end offers
  • Qualified Affiliate receives 40% commission on SAAS plus 40% on front-end offers

No commissions are paid on Personal Use Sales of the product.

  • When your application is approved in Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Program, you can access these offerings
  • You can promote select FRONT-END offerings and become the Front-End Affiliate. You get a 40% Commission on these offerings
  • When you earn $1,000 Commission in one month, you can now apply for “Open Affiliate”, a program where you can promote front-end offerings and additional services, such as the ClickFunnels SAAS
  • Open affiliates with a record of exemplary compliance with the terms of the Agreement and who maintain 40 ClickFunnels paid user accounts every month (ClickFunnels accounts are at $97 or higher) can now qualify for the status of a “Qualified Affiliate”. This is determined by the exclusive discretion of ClickFunnels
  • To remove any doubt, the affiliate is given the Badge Commission and Affiliate Commission simultaneously

How to become a successful Clickfunnels Affiliate​

To be a successful Clickfunnels affiliate, you must build a niche with a clear plan to creatively achieve value for the product.

The rippling effect of affiliate marketing for products and services that expands into the vast internet expanse, must carry these elements.

Be product-focused, market-focused, most of all, people-oriented. Build relationships that last.

Are you ready to get started? Have you gain success with Clickfunnels?

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