This is for my grinding fitness entrepreneurs or gym owners who want to motivate people to get their asses off the couch.

I’m going to show you the best keywords for fitness.

If you’re looking for good keywords to help take your fitness website to the next level, focus on these top options.

It may be time to learn about the most crucial fitness keywords.

Some Examples of the Best Fitness Keywords

It doesn’t matter what kind of fitness website you hold.

However, it can help optimize it for search engines like Google or YouTube.

Evaluating appropriate keywords for the fitness field is the first step to thriving in SEO.

It makes sense that “gym” is among the essential fitness keywords.

gym search volume

Over two million eager people search Google for short, sweet words each month.

In addition, people frequently look for local fitness centers for memberships.

A gym rat could’ve relocated to a new town a few minutes away.

Busy moms try to find possibilities to help them exercise away from their kids.

And men are trying to fix their “dad bods” during lunch breaks.

Gym Names and Keywords

People don’t just search generally for the term “gym” on Google.

They’re not lazy.

These cats frequently search for the names of well-known fitness chains.

For example, “Planet Fitness” is the name of a gym chain catering to the public since its inception more than three decades ago.

People typically search Google for “Planet Fitness Near Me.”

Planet Fitness Search Volume

Well, over half a million people search for this monthly.

LA Fitness Search Volume

LA Fitness is another biggie in the gym chain kingdom.

This gym chain has satisfied people who have wanted to get and stay fit since the 1980s.

So it’s no shocker that “LA fitness near me” is another massive fitness industry keyword.

LA Fitness Near Me Search Volume

Other popular, specific keywords that mention the names of recognized fitness chains are:

  • “anytime fitness near me”
  • “planet fitness hours”
  • “crossfit near me””
  • crunch fitness”

Home Exercise Searches

Although gym names are a big part of fitness SEO glory on Google or YouTube, the fascinating journey doesn’t end there.

If you’re heavily dedicated to fitness, you know all too well that the public these days has busy schedules.

They only have a little time to dedicate to fitness centers outside their homes daily.

Some examples of top SEO keywords to think of using are: 

  • abs workout
  • treadmill
  • running tips
  • yoga poses
  • fitness motivation
  • home workouts

A person searching “treadmill” may look for suggestions regarding the most rigid and reliable fitness devices.

Treadmill Search Volume

A person searching for “running tips” may seek endurance advice while tracking an extended jog outside.

Running Tips Search Volume

A body that searches for “fitness motivation” could be a beginner to exercise who wants to figure out how to get started.

Fitness Motivation Search Volume

Run a website for a community gym.

You may have a devoted blog that offers in-depth exercise suggestions.

If you handle an online fitness “newsletter,” you may offer visitors frequent and extensive general tips for healthiness and wellness.

These keywords help people discover your site quickly and easily using SEO.

Why Keywords for Health and Wellness Are Highly Effective

It’s no shocker that fitness website owners often try to drive sales.

Au contraire, encourage folks in your area to sign up for a gym membership.

Fitness and Health Club Stats

It would help if you also encouraged fitness enthusiasts everywhere to buy your specific yoga pose or exercise book.

Suppose you’re a gym owner or manager wanting to bring in new clientele for potential monthly or yearly memberships.

In that case, you should try your hand at keywords such as “gym near me,”

Gym Near Me Search Volume

“Crossfit near me,”

CrossFit Near Me Search Volume

and “fitness near me.”

Fitness Near Me Search Volume

These popular keywords help people learn about your gym’s existence.

In addition, using them can be a dope step for gym owners and managers who wish to outstretch the word.

Suppose you can think of more specific equipment pieces and exercises available through your gym.

In that case, you should take advantage of them.

If it does, you should probably use the keyword “yoga class.”

Yoga Class Search Volume

Does your gym offer classes in specialty topics like cardio kickboxing, spinning, or pilates?

You should probably focus on keywords such as:

  • “cardio kickboxing”
  • “barre class”
  • “group fitness”
  • “spinning”
  • “pilates”
  • “cycling”
  •  “water aerobics”
  • “zumba”

These keywords may attract people interested in gym benefits that aren’t reasonably as commonly available.

Take the time to think about two types of SEO keywords that are relevant in this day and age.

These are primary and secondary (variation) keywords.

Primary and Secondary Keyword Definition

“Gym near me” and “gym” understandably are relatively broad keywords that may belong in the primary section.

“Pilates”, “Barre class”, or “yoga class,” on the other hand, are more specific keywords that may fall under the secondary umbrella.

Remember, you should target general keywords for the primary intent category.

Secondary keywords benefit from being more specific and specialized interests.

These keywords have to zero in on a smaller segment of your target audience overall.

Why Strong Keyword Choices Are Essential for Gyms

Keywords are a big part of enticing new members to join gym memberships.

Suppose you focus on relevant site keywords, social media accounts, and advertisements.

In that case, you rapidly grow your odds of appearing on search engine result pages.

That’s also how you may entice new people to check you out.

Beyond that, a clever fitness keyword selection can give your gym a sense of credibility.

Keyword Research in a suit

It can spread the word about your brand.

It can also encourage your target audience members to trust you.

Answer Questions With Keywords

Taking a well-rounded approach to the SEO keyword gym selection is imperative.

Remember questions with keywords.

Some questions with keywords that people frequently use are

“What is physical fitness,” “How often should I exercise,” and “How much is anytime fitness.”

How Much Anytime Fitness Search Volume

If you leave out questions with keywords, you may lose out on a notable portion of your target audience.

Working out is a big part of many health nut’s lifestyles.

Suppose a gym rat is putting together an upcoming fitness program.

In that case, they may have to figure out certain things related to their finances.

They may search “How much does anytime fitness cost.”

Anytime Fitness Cost Search Volume

People also spend a lot of time on the Internet day in and day out.

For example, suppose a person is considering signing up for a local gym.

In that case, they may have questions that relate to Internet access.

Society uses the Internet daily for school, work, and social purposes.

Fitness Center Sign Up

That’s why “does planet fitness have wifi?” isn’t an uncommon keyword.

planet fitness wifi search volume

It is a trendy one.

Consider questions to your target audience that involve business hours, childcare, monthly charges, on-site juice bars, vending machines, and anything else.

Which Keywords Relate to the Term Fitness?

Other territorial examples of SEO keywords that are fit for the vast fitness realm are:

Other territorial examples of SEO keywords that are fit for the vast fitness realm are:

“personal trainer”
“fitness classes”
“fitness equipment”
“bodybuilding supplements” 
“weight loss”
“workout plans”
“strength training”
“active lifestyle”
“yoga for beginners”
“cardio exercises”

Some of these keywords involve health-related fitness as well:

“bodybuilding supplements”

bodybuilding supplements search volume

And “weight loss” are just a few examples.

weight loss search volume

Words that involve health-related fitness may cover diet, food items, supplements, and weight management.

Additional Advantages for Selecting Smart Keywords

Why else should you prioritize the use of well-built gym keywords?

Remember, these keywords can help your gym pull in new customers.

If you’re looking to beat the rest of your competition, you must utilize gym keywords that make sense.

Doing so can move your site traffic.

That’s how it can transport higher numbers of clients.

Using relevant gym keywords can enhance your rankings on Google and YouTube.

Search Engine Stats

If you strengthen your search engine status, you can simplify the process of health fanatics learning about your gym.

Excellent keyword selection can spread the word about your brand.

If you’re committed to improving your brand’s visibility, using skillful keywords may help you reach a significantly bigger audience.

Getting to this audience may launch a strong connection with future customers.

Fitness recording

It also makes up for a better public image for your brand.

Nothing matters more than encouraging your audience members to stand by your brand and all it offers fully.

Gym keywords can help you with lead generation.

If you’re serious about generating leads, you should prioritize using relevant keywords consistently.

Strong keyword choices can significantly increase the number of leads you get.

In addition, they can aid businesses with growth in general.

Research Gym Keywords Like a Champion

It’s essential to study marketing keywords that are suitable for gyms.

A lack of keyword research can lead to chaos.

Fortunately, there are many options for gym owners curious about keywords.

If you want to find out about gym keywords that may help your cause, you should list any terms a health junkie may use to learn about your brand.

Gym Staff

Doing this can help you establish a dependable “core” keyword research.

Consider the key to overall fitness before coming up with your research list.

Of course, the key to overall health is feeling and looking good.

Mental Health Stats

This drives so many gym buffs to move their bodies daily.

You don’t necessarily have to research popular keywords for gyms yourself.

So many keyword research tools have been on hand to people lately.

If you want to use a reliable keyword research device, check out SEMrush, Ahrefs, and the keyword planner for Google AdWords.

SEO tools

If you utilize one of these tools, you’ll be able to learn about relevant keywords.

In addition, you’ll be able to assess the popularity level of relevant keywords at the same time as well.

What Are the Basics of Local and Long-Tail Gym Keywords?

You should never brush off the concept of “local keywords.”

These keywords may benefit gym and fitness centers with physical locations.

If you feature local keywords on your site, you’ll be able to reach possible customers that are near you.

You’ll be able to boost your odds of showing up in the results of local searches, too.

Think about long-tail keywords.

Long Tail Keyword Stats

You should zero in on these sorts of keywords specifically.

These phrases are typically less popular than their general keyword counterparts.

Despite that, they’re often more capable of getting targeted traffic to fitness websites.

Make long-tail keywords one of your priorities.

You’ll be able to get to highly engaged audience members.

You’ll be able to get to audience members who are a lot more specific as well.

These audience members may be the ones who are most willing to find out more about your services and products.

Walk in Your Audience Members’ Shoes

What else can you do to create strong content using relevant SEO keywords?

First, you can get acquainted with the people who make up your audience.

Second, you can study keywords that your audience members search for.

Third, you can pay attention to the fitness centers that make up your competition locally.

Finally, you can create helpful website content.

It would be best if you strived to give your audience members detailed answers to all kinds of valid fitness questions.


That’s it for the best keywords for fitness websites right now.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Are there any keywords for the gym or fitness world that I missed?

If so, let me know in the comments section below.