Free and Quick Trick to Boost Your Shopify Search Rankings

Free and Quick Trick to Boost Your Shopify Search Rankings

What can you do right now, to increase your Shopify search engine ranking?

Well for starters, incoming links play a huge role when it comes to placing high in the search engines results page (SERP). The more links that point to your Shopify site from other websites the better.

To the SERPs, each incoming link counts as a vote for your ranking. The higher a site ranks, the more the its vote is worth.

It’s also important that these sites that have a similar categories as yours.

The similiar the better.

For example, if your store is built around photography software, you would want to get your link on sites that deal with camera equipment or photography tips.

There is a simple and free technique that you can start using this minute to get tons of incoming links to your site.

After reading this article of course.

Use the search engine results page as a free reference tool

Try this, open your favorite search engine and type in the following phrase with quotations marks: “fishing” “add url” . Hit the search button and the results will turn up numerous sites that allow you to add your website link to their directory.

Some of these sites will add your link right away and some might require a reciprocal link which means you add their link to your site in Shopify.

Reciprocal links can also help your ranking by positioning you as an authority if you link to other quality, niche-specific sites.

Apply this technique to you own Shopify store by substituting the keyword “fishing” with whatever keyword applies to you niche.

Get better link exposure with building your Shopify store’s brand

To find even more sites that allow link submission, play around with different combinations of keywords in between the first set of quotation marks.


“football” “add url”
“football gear” “add url”
“fishing gear” “add url”
“hockey equipment” “add url”
“weddings” “add url”
“wedding merchandise” “add url”
“golfing equipment” “add url”
“golfing secrets” “add url”
“fitness products” “add url”
“adventure tours” “add url”

Next you can expand you search even more by replacing “add url” in between the second set of quotation marks with other phrases like “add link” or “submit a url”.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try every possible combination you can think of.


“add website”
“add your link”
“add a link”
“add a site”
“submit url”
“submit a site”
“submit site”
“submit link”
“link submission”
“suggest a link”
“suggest a url”
“recommended a site”
“suggest your site”
“link directory”
“cool sites”

As a side note, sometimes these link directory sites will have another text link that you must click to find the submission form.

In cases like this, look for things like “click here to add your site” or “add your url” etc.


If you want to streamline the process of submitting your website link to hundreds of directories, significantly increase your link popularity and search engine ranking, then I highly recommend getting your Shopify store on a directory that will help boost your site up with authority.

Directories have a very large scale of backlinks.

Every increasing number of sites already built into it you can submit your link to.

Using this program is a great way to leverage your time by letting the program handle all the dirty work of finding these sites and manually submitting to them on your own.

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