This has been a very difficult and confusing time for all of us for the past few months. The world is falling under a pandemic with a Coronavirus also known as COVID-19. So far I have to admit, this has been a real hell hole that should make people wake up more than ever and start to come together.

Personally, besides COVID-19, having mixed emotions with dealing turmoil has left me speechless with confusion living life through the Coronavirus.

I can actually say that there has been some amazing light before and during this whole ordeal which allows me to spend as much time with my family. Being surrounded by family during all of this has opened my eyes up in a lot of various ways being a new father for the past 6 months with my son.

His presence can easily light up a soul when feeling down without permission.

I like that.

Coronavirus introduced a new level of cabin fever

Never before have I felt stuck in this situation before where living so far from my family while dealing with an unfortunate situation of a member going through stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Because of COVID-19, it has caused a shutdown or a real issue with traveling to see family; especially anyone who is high-risk.

Take the mother of my 6-month child for example.

See my point? Stuck and sucks ass.

There is a very brief point that I make in my podcast about appreciating the love for a family member that shows support and help raise you.

When you look back on a person’s life and what that person means to you, one should dedicate the time to dwell on the good memories.

Not feel sorry or think back on what could have been, or worse – not accept the fact of the next phase in life.

That’s why I think it’s important to replace hatred with kindness, love, and gratitude.

Overcome COVID-19

grocery store empty because coronavirus panic
Photo by Mick Haupt

It would’ve been a beautiful sight to see and read about our world coming together earlier before this pandemic spread. However, I know the old cliche – it is what it is.

That being said, I take this time to open my horizons with my internet marketing ventures, read new books, and so on. It breaks my heart knowing so many people die during this shit, losing jobs, freaking out over toilet paper.

I give my opinion on what I take away from the coronavirus in my latest podcast.

Life Through Coronavirus
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Over the years, I have used my expertise and experience to help hundreds of eCommerce and other businesses generate well over 100,000 a month online from search engine optimization.

Now I just try to help the people that are looking for opportunities to make a full-time living through internet marketing.

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  1. Hey Az your introduction is spot on, growing closer to family, showing love, kindness to friends and strangers, being a better person….. life is so short….I wish I could see you guys in person but alas the pics and videos will do for now…. couldn’t open up the podcast to play…. love you guys ❤

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