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Why Google Search Engine Traffic is disrupting your Click-Through-Rate
August 16, 2019
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Best 12 Benefits of Keyword Optimization for Boosting Search Traffic

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Having a top search engine ranking is legit money for internet marketing.

However, search engine optimization (SEO) is still an ongoing challenge for all companies and different marketers that are looking to drive more traffic to their websites.

One of the best ways that will help boost up your search engine traffic is to inhabit your website with really good optimized content. Before you optimize any type of content, the first thing to do is create it.

How do you get started with this content? Well thankfully, there are keyword optimization tools that will guide you with your process.

Keyword optimization tools are essential to help with your content so you are not over-optimizing your website and make sure your pages are kicking ass on the search engine results page (SERP).

Make keyword optimization for your website will be your best bet to help your business grow

When you perform this extremely valuable tactic, you start to shift the flow of traffic towards your business, in addition, make it easier for search engines to crawl your websites.

Discover related keywords

When you start to use different tools for keyword optimization, you start to discover related keywords that will help your product or service pages.

Another thing people don’t realize are the suggested variation of selected keywords that you had not yet discovered or thought of.

Check the search volume

By optimizing your keywords, they will begin to tell you how often each keyword is actually being searched for daily on the internet with search volume

Note: The higher the number of searches, the more valuable the keyword. Remember to look out for your competitors and ask yourself how badly do you want those keywords.

What does the search popularity say

Keywords reveal to us how many competing webpages are featured on the SERPs with results for those keywords you choose to use.

There is a general rule of thumb that experts still use to this day. The lower the number of competing sites, the easier your site will make it to the top of the rankings.

Best 12 Benefits of Keyword Optimization for Boosting Search Traffic 1

Now if you are performing your own internet marketing strategy or SEO services, the real cool thing is being able to perform keyword optimization yourself by using any one of the number of free or fee-based tools;

Real kick ass easy-to-use tools.

If you’re just starting off and reading this article, I recommend starting out with a free tool like Google Keyword Planner. But if you’re ready to dive into the deep in and you start getting the hang of things, think about going pro.

Like the keyword planner by Google, there are so many great tools that provide data and give trial runs. Here’s an actual article that talks about some of the best SEO tools out there in the market.

If you do decide to use fee-based SEO software (which I highly recommend – why the hell not if you’re committed to your business), the investment you make in a subscription will likely pay off in just a few short days.

The single most important thing you need to know about keyword research is data

By making educated guesses about what people are searching for, is no comparison for taking advice from a keyword optimization tool.

And, in addition to finding keywords for creating optimized content for your site, think about all of the variations of words that are discovered with your SEO tools that will do a very well for your site by adding other value.

Where to place optimized keywords

Now that you’re ready to light the world online with your website and start creating traffic for your website. You have this great content that is sales-driven with valuable information and all of these juicy keywords that are going to bring in conversions.

One more question has to be answered and below is a list of tips to place your content.

What to do with these keywords? Here are the top 12 ways you should use your keywords for better chances at higher ranking:

  1. Use header tags to with your keywords. One of the most important things you must do is place the proper keyword in your header tags
  2. Put together valuable content that gets ranked onto the first page and above the fold of top search engines. It will position yourself as an expert in your field. Don’t be afraid to aim for low-hanging fruit to help achieve victory
  3. Look into preliminary product or service testing. Get yourself out there; see what people are thinking about and looking for in different product areas. Competitive analysis will help you if you learn to motto success correctly to favor you
  4. Write better, more eye-catching and successful ads for online ad sites. Keywords in ads will help leverage the traffic on a quicker scale
  5. Make sure you are using powerful and enticing titles that get more attention for your already-chosen topics. Think about emotion and trends that will benefit your product or service.
  6. Get ideas for new blog topics. Again the internet is your friend for information
  7. Do a little bit of detective work. Find out what terms people are using when doing their search online and use the terms in your online marketing strategy across the board
  8. Write subject lines for opt-in e-mail campaigns that get people’s attention also stay in tune with their minds and provide more value for your subscribers
  9. Test different keywords to use for new content. Maybe you have a decent size list of keywords that you optimized from the software you’re currently using. Split up your keywords to drive traffic to new information so you can start to generate additional income from Google AdSense
  10. Try ideas for various product or service names to see what’s hot and what is already taken
  11. Look for popular keywords and try to predict correlation results that could help your business capitalize on
  12. Optimize your advertising campaigns, for terms of both the title and description


At the end of the day, creating optimized content for your website is one of the cornerstones of boosting web traffic back to your site. Once again, highly important as you want to target a specific audience to your business.

A keyword optimization tool is a no-brainer decision for getting you the optimized content you need.