how to start online store with click funnels

How to Start an Online Store With Click Funnels | How Clickfunnels Work With E Commerce?

In 2021, some experts are predicting there to be whopping 2.15 billion, online shoppers and it is increasing before ago. And assuming that the whole world population is about 8 billion people, this figure shows 25% of everyone on the earth. Eve yar, more people tend to go online to their shopping, whether that’s for medications, hobbies, entertainment, or even groceries. Here a question arises in the minds of several people that How to start an online store with click funnels.

Currently, there are more than 20 million eCommerce business, entrepreneurs who do their online business can still make big money. According to a survey, eCommerce profits are growing by about 7% every year. The best part is, open your eCommerce store with ClickFunnels. Don’t be worried about How To Start an Online Store With ClickFunnels? Let’s see how it works? Here are 5 steps to launch an online store with click funnels.

3 Best Steps For How To Start an Online Store With Click Funnels

How to Start an Online Store With Click Funnels

Step 1. Discover Your Niche For Clickfunnels Ecommerce Business

First of all, how do you figure out what niche your eCommerce business is going to work on? How to target market? You may have several options like health, sports, fitness, or humor – that fits your decision. Moreover, in order to be successful with clickfunnels, you should narrow that niche down even depth. Here is the question “Who do you want to serve?”. Because if you know who you want to serve, you will be able to know where to find them, how to speak them, and what to sell them. It is all about your favorite customers.

As Russell Brunson speaks about in Expert Secrets, you nee to go three levels deep.

  1. The first one really only includes three markets: wealth, health, and relationship.
  2. The second level includes literally thousands of different sub-markets such as dating advice, diet, investing, etc.
  3. But the third level is the ‘niche’ where online business may carve out space for themself and make money in the process.

For example, if you have decided that you want to assist people to improve their everyday fitness and health with nutrition, then you would be in the health market, the nutrition sub-market, and now your niche might be “helping people get more energy with vitamin supplements.” You should build e-commerce business using clickfunnels for health and physical fitness products to support people with their daily routine life.

The goal is, when your dream customers visit your website with clickfunnels design, they should be able to see amazing products and say about your online business themselves and mark five stars on your product, “Wow! An amazing product, this was made just for me.”

Step 2. Choose Your Product For Creating Your Own Ecommerce Store With Click Funnel

The great thing about building an online store with clickfunnels in these days is that you don’t have to create your products, you don’t have to source or manufacture your own products, and you don’t even have to have your products necessarily. What do you have to do? Just start a store with clickfunnels and add products.

There are two things that happened to the e-Commerce industry in the last decade that make it super simple for everyone to run an online eCommerce business by applying a profitable funnel marketing strategy.

1- Dropshipping

This authorizes you to sell all types of products in your store without having your own physical inventory. Whenever you receive orders for a product, the manufacturer will ship the product directly to the customer. In some cases, you may visit these manufacturer’s websites and resell their products on your site and earn money by creating an affiliate store with clickfunnels.

Here is a list of some dropshipping companies with whom you can do integration on your clickfunnels site.

  1. Alibaba
  2. Doba
  3. ShipStation
  4. Worldwide brands

2- Affiliate Marketing

It allows you to sell other merchants’ products and earn a percentage of each sale on orders you make with a good price. By the way, by joining ClickFunnel’s affiliate program, you can earn up to 40% recurring commission. Here are some platforms offering a good rate for affiliate marketing members.

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. ShareASale 
  3. eBay Partner Network
  4. Clickbank

Whatsoever you decided, at the end of the day, the product you choose should be wildly appealing to the audience that you want to serve.

Step 3. Build Your Sales Or Funnel & Make Your First Sale On Store

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to build your sales funnels with clickfunnels and make your first sale. We should know the difference in offering someone a business card VS passionately telling someone how you can assist them specifically. 

And that’s why your e-Commerce store needs a sale funnel. Without this, you are really going to face a hard time… well, selling. 

However, creating an effective sales funnel with clickfunnels can be a little tricky. Fortunately, we have a few resources that will assist you to create your sales funnel with funnel builder and make your first sale as well. Here are two ways to help you create your first sale.

1- Build Your Email List

According to Constant Contact, New prospective customers only have a 13% chance of purchasing, but existing customers (people who’ve bought from you before) have between a 60% and 70% chance. For this, Build your email list of buyers for your clickfunnels business, send them email with top products, so that your visitors may know about your future products, don’t let them leave your site and make purchases.

2- Create an Experience For Your Customers

Do your sales funnel clearly communicate your company’s values? In order to connect with your great customers emotionally with your eCommerce, you need to show them that your company has the same beliefs that they have. Your sales funnel design is a great place to do this. So, create a great user experience for increasing the conversion rate for your sales. You can also run an app for your business with click funnels.

Where we’ll literally help you build a high-converting sales funnel step-by-step over 30 days.

Want To Create Your Store With Click Funnel today And Landing page?

Many people think that starting ecommerce business is a difficult and long process. However, that does not have to be the issue. In fact, with the hard work of one day, you can create content, you can start store with sales funnels or a website page design. But, there is a large difference between Clickfunnels vs website landing pages that you can read in the next article An online store built with clickfunnels allows you to sell your products soon and make big money. If you don’t know about Click Funnels affiliate marketing, you can learn the course, and the guide link is given below.