My name is Az Respes, as an SEO consulting services are geared to you overshooting your goals in the right direction.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve picked up a few essential insights through web design, search engine optimization, and social media all to benefit from with internet marketing.

Type of Consulting Az Does

Search Engine Optimization is what Az does, but allow me to break it down a bit. If you have a local business, starting an ecommerce site, looking to sell products, as an affiliate, a great marketing strategy to get the phone to ring with new leads or make sales is to take your website and rank it through a search engine like Google. Not just the top spot but first page ranking.
Quick breakdown of SEO in a nutshell.

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Any type of internet marketing can become complex, which is why it is important to start using my type of SEO for conversions and make money.

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SEO has proven to be an important part of marketing, and I deliver  services focus to drive results. SEO consulting is what your business demands.

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“ Our company utilized Az to obtain a site audit for improvements in SEO and we were very pleased with the report provided. It was comprehensive, practical and was clearly indicative of Az’s expertise in SEO. We are appreciative of the level of service we received at very reasonable rates.”

Jeronimos Kourkoumelis - Owner & Voted "Best Diner in Florida" by The Food Network

Story of Az - The SEO Consultant Wizard

I would consider myself an internet marketing entrepreneur for the last 10 years because I’ve been fortunate to study so many various areas of digital marketing. I’ve worked with dozens of ecommerce sites, local companies, national SEO and even international SEO for companies that generated from $100k to $3 million all from SEO and other digital marketing techniques.

My focus is about helping companies become well aware of the internet of today, especially with search engines like Google. But SEO is not all to my story and I was not always into search.

Before SEO there was web design

I started hand coding websites years ago and during the rise of WordPress and various custom website building systems, it became easier for people to design their own sites. 

While I continued coding, I was introduced to SEO through a freelance project and my focus instantly switch to love for on data and optimization.

I became easily mesmerized on how effective search engines help websites when it came to marketing. I was even more intrigued when I started making more of an impact with SEO.

SEO is a game changer for online marketing

I decided to devote my career and time studying the ins and outs of the SEO conglomerate. It was important for me to gain as much knowledge of this craft so I offer my seo consulting services.

A few success stories from inside SEO come in different areas starting with local SEO marketing. Attorneys to restaurants, each business continues to achieve their goals with various approaches.  When I started my first ecommerce SEO strategy, there was a software issue, but shortly adjusted to outranking ecomm stores like Nike and Dick’s. The next and biggest challenge was ranking tactical and military gear on search engines and social media. 

End result – viral marketing through social and first page ranking. 

I have been so proud of the success my clients and projects have achieved with their goals through national and international SEO.

SEO became a passion beyond a career

Now SEO is still a baby and realize there is only starting to grow up.  All of the knowledge of designing websites and marketing also helps me to better understand SEO and the business a lot more.

It is very important to know your business and study your craft.

My approach to SEO is conducting single variable test (SVT) for more opportunity on better ranking by dissecting different factors. 

The key for my consulting services to continue its success with SEO is having passion for this business and watch clients succeed.

My SEO consulting service is to guide your marketing quest.

SEO Marketing Results

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