Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

is clickfunnels a pyramid scheme?

Let’s break down the question: is Clickfunnels a pyramid scheme?

If you work in marketing, sales, SEO, website building, or basically any other industry with the aim to convert visitors into customers, you have probably heard of Clickfunnels.

Many of its users love it and sing its praises across the Internet and to anyone else who works in their industry. But why is it so well-loved? A company with this kind of user praise must be an outstanding one, right?

But wait. What if mentioning it and trying to get you to use it is just a way to put more money into the user’s pocket? What if Clickfunnels is nothing more than a cheap pyramid scheme, masquerading as an effective tool and a good product for marketing?

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is the brainchild of Russell Brunson, a Utah native and self-made entrepreneur who grew up with an obsession with marketing. He is described as competitive while growing up and my man made his first million dollars only a year after graduating college.

russell brunson owner of click funnels
Source: Twitter

He found his niche in internet marketing and app development early on. His first venture into business was selling potato gun DVD’s online, followed shortly thereafter by a few other different trials. By far, however, his most successful venture has been Clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels ballooned his income very quickly after being started in 2013.

Clickfunnels is an easy way to create a sales funnel

Now some may not be familiar with a sales funnel and asking what that is.

Well, a sales funnel is exactly what it sounds like: a way to turn casual browser into actual customer. It includes things such as personalized emails, consistent product recommendations, and soft pushes to webinars and tutorials.

It is well-known that many people who visit funnels, especially those visiting it for the first time, often will not buy right away.

sales funnel process

Again, a sales funnel is a simple way to turn the prospects looking around your funnels and turning them into regular buyers. As I mentioned before, the whole model behind Click funnels is to create large sales volume using attractive and clickable sales.

If you follow their funnel process with these three steps:

  • Offer free good value or a small product, like a free ebook or gift
  • Followed by a webinar designed to showcase the value of the product
  • The sale followed by the up-sell
When you purchase Clickfunnels there are two different membership packages for ranging from $97 per month to $297 per month, depending on the desired features. Clickfunnels has drag and drop editing, and easy way to build multiple landing pages, a number of pre-built templates, and an always-available support team.
click funnel builders and page editors
One of the benefits of Clickfunnels is the ability to set up membership options on your page, which will keep people coming back. These can be memberships to the site, to online webinars, classes, or basically anything else where you might want to know the email address and names.

Clickfunnels also comes with a number of integration options, including the ability to merge payment processors like Paypal and Stripe when its time to get your money. You can also integrate it with Facebook to increase marketing footprint, along with being able to build it into many different website hosts like WordPress.

Get a chance to join the Clickfunnels Russell Brunson Inner Circle

Clickfunnels also offers a package called Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle.

This package features a twelve-month course on improving website traffic and sales. It is limited to only one hundred participants at a time and has been endorsed by popular celebrities like Tony Robbins.

The access to the Clickfunnels Inner Circle Program states at the top that it costs fifty thousand dollars to join, and your business must have at least one million dollars in revenue to be able to join.

russell brunson inner circle for life program

Is Clickfunnels an mlm program?

So now we get to the million-dollar question. Is Clickfunnels really the miracle marketing solution, or is it just a ponzi scheme in disguise as another alternative Leadpages?

Let’s start with the obvious: In order to use Clickfunnels, you have a monthly subscription in order to make funnels. We can just put a huge bullet point on this not being a pyramid scheme ploy in mlm programs. Almost every software-as-a-service platform does exactly that.

After all, how else are they supposed to make a profit if they don’t charge for it?

Clickfunnels also is upfront and follows their own flow: offer a freebie to entice visitors in the form of a two-week free trial of Clickfunnels before you are required to start paying for the services.

free trial for clickfunnels software

Clickfunnels also offers plenty of tutorials and instructional videos for users to get well-acquainted with the software during these two weeks, making it that much easier to sell.

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Program is where users start to indulge in this becoming multi-level marketing or pyramid scheming.

Now affiliate marketing is where people involved are paid not just for the product they sell through their online marketing funnels but are also paid based on people they get to fall under the umbrella of their parent company.

clickfunnels affiliate program
In this affiliate program, you can add links to direct some of your traffic to Clickfunnels’ official website or another site they have set up. Through this process, anyone who purchases one of the Clickfunnels’ products after being directed from your pages, you begin to earn profits.

One of the most popular books entitled, Expert Secrets, is often praised as being “almost required reading” for marketers. While most of the written material is not geared specifically towards Clickfunnels, it is not difficult to draw the line on the success of this phenomenal publications.

expert secrets book for internet marketers

Clickfunnels offers different marketing training programs

Clickfunnels also has an option to attend what is called the Affiliate Bootcamp. It is geared towards affiliates who are not making the best commission checks.

On the landing page for this site, Brunson says he reached out to his top-earning “Super Affiliates” to get their action plans for how they are doing what they are doing, asking for details for each step along the way.

There is another option, called the One Funnel Away Challenge, which costs $100 and gives you access to more interviews, along with individual coaching opportunities from the top earning marketers.

clickfunnels 30 day summit

One, in particular, the LadyBoss, runs a very similar type of online webinar-based class for free. Her Clickfunnels Bootcamp registration page sells out of regularly, and you can see her featured while earning an affiliate award.

In comparison to the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp, LadyBoss focuses on expanding your business and increasing your income using Clickfunnels. Also in line with the Affiliate Bootcamp course, this webinar-based class is free but is only available for a limited time after signing up.

30 day affiliate bootcamp training

The Truth: Is Clickfunnels A Pyramid Scheme

Having been pulled into thousands of pyramid schemes before and losing a decent bit of money in the process, I am skeptical of anything resembling a scheme.

In my pessimistic eyes, Clickfunnels is NOT a pyramid scheme. There are a lot of affiliates making money through their own funnel even if a percentage goes to the owners. That’s the name of the game. 

Clickfunnels also does appear to follow a lot of the standard practices of software-as-a-service platforms. Any similar marketing tool providing you benefits such as advertising options, multiple tier packages, courses, etc., all designed to teach you how to use the software effectively, is a great recipe to be the best tool for your business.

A lot of people have made plenty of money using Clickfunnels, so that can be another bullet point for it to not appear as selective or as a pyramid scheme would be either.

clickfunnels affiliate commission

Honestly, I feel almost everything Clickfunnels is doing right.

Again, I can see where there are some aspects of Clickfunnels’ business practice that seem off-putting or questionable, and many things  similar of a traditional pyramid scheme built into it.

But those are opinions and critics. The way Clickfunnels is presented is pretty common in just about any business; especially in marketing software industry.

What are your thoughts? Are you a CF mastermind? Share your comments below.

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