7 Tips For Getting Funnels Listed in Search Engines

Affiliate marketers already know how important is it to be indexed on the search engines results page.

There’s no doubt about it, having high rankings for your ClickFunnels page on search engines is very critical.

It does depend on the type of conversions you look to accomplish when it comes to signups and sales.

That should be the goal of what search engine optimization (SEO) is about.

There’s no mistake that affiliates today utilize paid search at every level to build different effective strategies because in most cases.

There’s a tremendous level of great sophistication that comes with the habit of less budget invested and higher sales quality.

This article discusses a few steps that will help you get your affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels stages ranking listed higher in search engines.

Marketing Funnel Stages Phase One: Create The Awareness

It is very important to build any type of noise with your business and if you consider doing any type of marketing investment towards your awareness channels, there are endless opportunities to build traffic to your business.

Some options can include or be a combination of:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Podcasts
  • Blogging
  • Music

And much more. It really depends on how your business is built.

STILL EFFECTIVE: Don’t feel intimidated by not reaching out to social influencers to connect with your targeted audience.

A great friend and fellow Internet Marketer, uses other social influences for marketing opportunities.

These are some great reasons not to overlook paid search traffic and use it effectively to drive new users through your funnel stages.

Use Your Competitors Funnel Strategy To Your Advantage

Let’s talk about your competitors for a second.

Now a lot of businesses want to leave their unique stamp in their niche, but one essential part that is constantly taken for granted is in-depth competitive analysis.

Going with the assumption that a customer is looking for your direct competitor, is great notion to put your business in their hat also.

So think about bidding on competitor terms as a great secret strategy to capture your competitor’s traffic and new impressions for free.

Keep in mind that these competitive keywords may be expensive and get a lower quality score.

But they can assist you and let users know they options within your industry.

Become A Marketing Expert And Educate Yourself

Users nowadays are looking to educate themselves on their specific service or product and likely go to Google or YouTube.

Start creating white papers or other forms of free piece of content to your audience.

Give your audience to start to appreciate the value of your business will bring them when you build more experience marketing ClickFunnels.

If you have a site for your business, be sure to include FAQ pages and informative content to be helpful and educate your customers, continue to build that brand awareness, and promote trust with your audience.

Marketing Funnel Stages Phase Two: Spark Interest

When a user visits your ClickFunnels affiliate page, hopefully they start becoming familiar with your brand.

You want to keep your brand as a major focus and create a campaign to stay on top of the minds of your targeted audience.

When you attempt to put your website or funnel process on the market, it is an uphill battle for recognition.

This is why conducting SEO for my clients is the main focal point to my marketing funnel strategies.

But understanding how marketers look for quicker results, using more paid traffic secrets.

Retargeted Traffic Can Increase 3x-5x returns for new customers

There are so many fantastic reasons to use Retargeted Traffic as apart of your funnel marketing strategy.

This gives you the ability to run your ads to your target audience and can assist drive repeat visits to your funnel by targeting and bidding on those previous funnel users.

These funnel campaigns should use an interactive messaging like a countdown, reminder or discount to complete an action on your ClickFunnels page, to create urgency.

Marketing Funnel Stages Phase Three: Scalability

Invest in your brand terms to secure yourself from competitor interference once potential customers have made the conscious decision to engage with your ClickFunnels Affiliate page.

You also have an option to implement extensions to impart more influence during the decision phase & garner enhanced user engagement.

Use Google AdWords to Bid on Brand terms

Brand terms serve 2 purposes in Search Engine Optimization: that are Visibility and Defense.

First, it is mandatory to remain relevant to the search engine results page (SERPs) by being represented in paid and organic results. Secondly, as you have the flexibility to bid on the competitor’s terms, similarly, the competitor can also bid on your terms too.

By developing a dedicated brand strategy for search terms, you may cut down on competitors showing up in place of you.

Go after extensions in the SERPs

SERP extensions like callouts, featured snippets and site links place more on SERPs, delivering you more opportunity to influence in the decision of customers.

You should use as many relevant extensions as much you can do to improve CTRs (Click Through Rates) and higher quality scores.

Fourth Phase: Take Action On Your ClickFunnels

Search Engines can optimize towards conversion action by automated bidding when customers take action on your ClickFunnels page via a paid ads.

Automated Bidding on AdWords

Conversion or action information that is stored in Bing Ads or Google is proposed to support automated bidding such as target CPA (Cost Per Action), Maximize Conversion or Target Return on Ad Spend.

These features support several conversion goals with Google’s AI automation.

Building the right conversions in your account is essential during the final step of the affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels.

About the Author Az Respes

I’m the internet marketing wizard known as Az Respes, a 10-year vet in digital marketing, particularly SEO.

Over the years, I have used my expertise and experience to help hundreds of eCommerce and other businesses generate well over 100,000 a month online from search engine optimization.

Now I just try to help the people that are looking for opportunities to make a full-time living through internet marketing.

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