When you’re promoting ClickFunnels for affiliate marketing, the content is important to make sure the content itself is be able to reach with the intention of your targeted audience.

It is also important to know some tips on how you could effectively manipulate the use of keywords to meet your ClickFunnels affiliate marketing goals

That is imperative because obviously, no content or affiliate marketing post will ever succeed if you do not target the right people.

No matter how informative, entertaining, engaging and interesting your content is, if it is not gaining a favorable and appropriate response, it will be challenging to reach a target audience.

Use Keyword Variations in Your Affiliate Strategy

It is very essential to determine the right keywords on your ClickFunnels page for helping your visitors define the subject you are referring to.

A keyword in the main subject line would be the focus and theme of the entire affiliate marketing strategy.

When using keywords for ClickFunnels, be reminded that keywords can be made up of the following:

  • Single word
  • Phrase
  • Group of words
  • Different sets of words that are put together

custom landing page

Keywords are important because that would be how search engines would identify, index, and rank post. 

For example, let’s say you are using the search engine to search for post topics with “affiliate marketing” as the keyword.

When you start typing the phrase into the search box, you notice the auto suggestions start to fill in.

google auto suggestion affiliate marketing

Perhaps you entered the search and the results contains direct links layered down the search engine page.

Notice the SERPs consists of numerous pages listed; from the top portion, you notice some ads, people also ask snippets, the video pack, and more.

search engine results page

You surely would look first results listed on the first page and chances are, visitors would be more likely to click and check them out.

That is the beauty of using and ranking your funnel away on search engines also.

ClickFunnels or a landing page can reap the rewards for resting comfortably in a high search engine ranking position if it is optimized correctly on search engine results page.

As you promote affiliate marketing with ClickFunnels, you would be naturally inclined to aim and capture traffic from Instagram or Facebook.

But with manipulating search engines with the working and operational keyword variations, your ClickFunnels page is the most likely key to ranking on the SERPs.

Watch Keyword Density in Marketing

This concept basically refers to the percentage or ratio of overall keywords within the HTML and CSS of the landing page that’s going to be ranked.

Some digital marketing businesses and affiliate marketers are particularly instructing writers to make sure the keyword density of the blog is made perfectly.

In general, it is an unwritten rule or a strong recommendation from experts to make sure the keyword density is maintained at about 1% to 3%. But this also compares to what your competitors are doing with their pages.

screenshot of using keyword density
Source: SE Rankings

You can make sure that your affiliate marketing post are put together for optimization and sprinkled with the most helpful and noticeable volume of variable keywords. Doing so would also help ensure a favorable and desired search engine ranking for your funnel. 

Keyword Frequency

This concept is basically referring to the total number of times a particular keyword or keyword phrases are used not just within a post but within the entire landing page. As you know, online sites are not just consisting of the article content. Usually, Website designs and pages are consisting of logos and brief descriptions of the content or of the subject or content to which the site is focused at.

example of keyword frequency of seo

In general, the more frequent a keyword appears on the landing page, the more likely any search engine would crawl out the best results for that keyword.

Keyword Prominence

The term keyword prominence is not widely known and practiced but it is one of the most needed. It refers to the way prominent keywords are strategically used inside the landing page.

As a recommendation, experts advise affiliate marketers to place significant keywords in the follow positions:

  • Near or at the beginning header tags at the top of the sales page
  • In the first 100 words or first paragraph
  • Title or what is referred to as the meta tag 

Keyword Proximity

Finally, this term refers to the proximity or closeness between keywords. In  this regard, it is advisable for your keywords be longer, closer and more identical or synonymous with each other.

homepage of clickfunnels

For example, the broad term “sales funnels”, is proximate, close or equal to the keyword “sales funnels that convert”. It would make sense to use the long tail portion at the same time as operational keywords so that any way online searchers make their queries, they would be able to arrive at the same result.

These quick little tips can help you with your affiliate marketing so you can start getting boost you’re looking for to create conversions for your landing pages. 

Be sure to check out my review on Clickfunnels before starting your funnels.

What other keyword tips do you use? Let us know below? 

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