In this extremely personal episode, I share my experiences having to encounter racism from my early years as a teenager to now.  You will hear a moment I ran for my life. 

Another moment when my body froze in an instant having a gun held to me. 

And finally how I deal with understanding what it takes to fit into the internet marketing community where you are judged. Not only on your skillset but an appearance or mannerisms.

BE ADVISED! While I share my past story with you, there will be a point when there will be offensive language said in a matter of myself portrayed based on our history and I extend my apologies to those who take offense.

About the Author

I’m the internet marketing wizard known as Az Respes, a 10-year vet in digital marketing, particularly SEO.

Over the years, I have used my expertise and experience to help hundreds of eCommerce and other businesses generate well over 100,000 a month online from search engine optimization.

Now I just try to help the people that are looking for opportunities to make a full-time living through internet marketing.

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