If you are an affiliate looking for a market to make income during this challenging Pandemic, here’s an important piece of information to make a note of.

Right now, because of the Coronavirus, currently, there are over 30 million people unemployed filings in the United States.With the stimulus checks going out, many of people may be looking to rebuild their credit and financial future. This is the opportunity for you as an affiliate, or become an affiliate now.

You see, there are a few affiliate programs and services that any person with past bankruptcy will need in order to rebuild their credit and financial future.

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail, and how you can help as an affiliate:

1) Credit Repair

One of the first things someone with a bankruptcy discharge on their credit report will want to do is clean up their credit report and increase their credit score.

The problem is that many people simply don’t know how to do this process.

As an affiliate, you can help by connecting them with various “credit repair” related resources. By the way, when referring to “credit repair” I mean removing any negative remarks towards those companies and perusing those in need to want to receive more valued information for building their credit.

credit repair affiliate

Different type of credit repair resources can you refer:

  • Credit repair ebooks
  • Services
  • Software programs

These are great examples, but as an affiliate you only want to represent solid, reputable companies.

Keep in mind, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one avenue when it comes to credit repair resources.

For example, some of your visitors may want to take the “do it yourself” route and prefer a credit repair eBook.

Others may want to do less work and go for credit repair tools and software.

And finally, you have those that may want to hire a service to help them with customer support.

My question to you, as an affiliate, considering all of these various target audiences, why not include affiliate links to all of them?

If you can find services, with an affiliate program, that specialize in credit repair advice for those with a bankruptcy, that’s a beautiful win. The same goes with ebooks; create one for those visitors that want to take the do it yourself route and rebuild their credit.

For example, you can create an ebook  entitled “How to Rebuild Your Credit After Bankruptcy” and develop your marketing strategy around an affiliate program that can offer that solution.

2) Loans

For a number of people, being able to qualify for any type of loan after dealing with bankruptcy is critical.

Fortunately, there are plenty of lenders out there who work with individuals that have had a bankruptcy on their records.

Even better, many of these lenders have an affiliate program as well.

Various types loans that people with a past bankruptcy may qualify for:

  • Personal loans
  • Home loans
  • Auto loans
  • Refinancing

When you’re researching a lenders affiliate program, look around and see what type of loans they have to offer your audience.

loan affiliate

Just like credit repair, when it comes to different loans, you can offer visitors a number of options.

Different links (with your affiliate ID#) to these lenders, eBooks on how to qualify for their specific loans, and membership sites that provide a list of “bad credit” lenders.

Again, as an affiliate you have a lot of choices to help you.

3) Credit Cards

There are a ton of credit card affiliate programs out there for you to join –and many of the credit card programs only target people with bad credit.

That is their bread and butter.

Your affiliate sales funnel could list a number of credit card programs for people with a past bankruptcy.

Best of all, secured credit cards (for those that require the customer to open a special savings account that acts as collateral for the line of credit) tend to have a high approval rate – which is good news for your visitors that have a bankruptcy on their credit report.

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credit card affiliate landing page

Direction is key

Throughout this piece, you’ll notice a pattern about giving your visitors options when it comes to each item we’ve covered. Make no mistake about it, credit cards are no different.

In addition to different links for credit card issuers (with your affiliate ID#), you can also include affiliate links to related PDF reports and membership sites.

mentioned before, it is essential to research companies and consider each carefully before joining their affiliate program.

Narrow down to your Audience

Okay, I’ve talked about a few products and services you can offer your visitors as an affiliate in the financial niche, but we can be honest and say there already plenty of sales funnels out there marketing to those with “bad credit”?

Of course there are! But a lot of those do not narrow their targets that specialize in a specific market to those with a past bankruptcy – which means less
competition for you as an affiliate.

Hopefully it has given you some ideas that you, as an affiliate, can use to build a new income stream during this horrific global pandemic – while also helping those with a past bankruptcy in the process.

Please be safe and healthy.

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