About Az Respes

A Wizard's Tale

I broke into the Internet Marketing business in 2010 and very fortunate to study from so many successful areas of marketing online. My mission is to help your business on the internet achieve success, especially with different affiliate programs. But SEO is not all to my story and I was not always making money online.

Working with dozens of affiliate marketing sites, local companies, national SEO and even international SEO for different businesses that generated a lot of money online from affiliate marketing SEO and other marketing strategies.

I studied Web Design and Interactive Media in college and learned how to code websites during the rise of WordPress. While I continued creating websites using WordPress and other custom sites, I was introduced to SEO and affiliate marketing simultaneously. 

When you start an affiliate program, you can get easily mesmerized on how effective search engines help websites when it comes to marketing. I was even more intrigued when I started making more of an impact with SEO.

Now SEO is still a baby and realize there is only starting to grow up.  All of the knowledge of designing websites and marketing also helps me to better understand SEO and the business a lot more.

It is very important to know your business and study your craft.

My approach to SEO is conducting single variable test (SVT) for more opportunity on better ranking by dissecting different factors. 

The key for my consulting services to continue its success with SEO is having passion for this business and watch clients succeed.

I started reaching out to business owners and offered to help them with their businesses for love. I received some testimonials and then started charging for my services.

I got a client here, another client there, and before I knew it I was working with an actual cliental list.

Unfortunately there will always be downsides when you just get your feet wet and expectations never line up perfectly.

Three days after my 31st birthday, I suffered a stressed induced seizure also known as pseudoseizures (PNES).  

The experience was not pleasant, I had so many medical bills, having a difficult time keeping up with so many different areas in my life.

A few days after my release and reflecting on that incident, I was seeking a sign of wanting to go the extra mile, but not limit services to my only clients or just one company.

Over the years while working with a few clients and some companies, I witnessed strategies and opportunities missed that could've helped their businesses scale higher. 

Now I know a lot of stuff, I have a lot of skills, people are always asking me to show them how to do marketing and able to make it work. 

There were countless days and nights I went into learning mode, read a lot of book, studied multiple courses, watched every webinar, and decided to go all in on launching my first educational blueprint.

What Can I Do for You?

When it comes down to it, I’m not sharing my story with you  to brag about anything. I wrote this because the first step to becoming successful… is have a belief.

For over a decade, I proudly devoted myself to learn ups and downs of internet marketing and agency life. EVERYTHING that I picked up in ten years, I could have picked up in six months.

I was working towards my goals, but to be completely honest, deep down I simply didn’t believe any of this was possible. I was taught I thought everyone that displayed their wealth was either lying or somehow achieved it by being dishonest.


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